He cancer has not spread to other parts of the body. viagra cost M1 the cancer has spread to other parts of the body, such as the lungs. Grading grading refers to the appearance of the cancer cells under the microscope, and gives an idea of how quickly the cancer may develop. viagra coupon Low-grade means that the cancer cells look very like normal cells; they are usually slow-growing and are less likely to spread. buy viagra canada In high-grade tumours the cells look very abnormal, are likely to grow more quickly, and are more likely to spread. Posted by sam at 7:33 am no comments: salivary gland cancer - diagnosis your gp will examine you and arrange for any tests that may be necessary. You will need to be referred to a hospital specialist for these tests, and for expert advice and treatment. buy viagra without prescription The doctor at the hospital will take your full medical history, carry out a physical examination, and take blood samples to check your general condition. The following tests are commonly used to make a firm diagnosis. X-rays these may be taken to show the size and position of the cancer and whether or not it has spread. Ct (computerised tomography) scan this is a sophisticated type of x-ray which builds up a detailed three-dimensional picture of the inside of the body. The scan is painless but takes about 15 minutes. It may be used to identify the exact size of the tumour, or to check for any spread of the cancer. Most people who have a ct scan are given a drink or injection of a fluid that allows particular areas to be seen more clearly. viagra canada online Before you have the injection or drink, it is important to tell the person doing this test if you are allergic to iodine or have asthma. Mri (magnetic resonance imaging) scan this type of scan uses magnetism instead of x-rays to form a series of cross-sectional pictures of the inside of the body. During the scan, you will be asked to lie very still on a couch inside a metal cylinder. reviews of viagra vs viagra vs viagra You will usually be given an injection to allow the picture to be seen more clearly. The test can take up to an hour and is completely painless. If you don't like enclosed spaces you may find the machine claustrophobic. The machine is also quite noisy, but you will be given earplugs or headphones to wear. Biopsy the doctor may use a fine needle and syringe to take a sample of cells from the affected area, to examine under a microscope. Alternatively, a small piece of tissue may be taken from the area. This procedure is usually performed under either a general or local anaesthetic. ordering generic viagra in canada Posted by sam at 7:32 am no comments: salivary gland cancer the salivary glands the salivary glands make saliva (spit). viagra joint pain This keeps your mouth moist and helps food to slide down the gullet, into the stomach. pill that looks like viagra The largest salivary glands are the: sublingual glands – found underneath the tongue parotid glands – at the sides of the mouth just in front of the ears submandibular glands – under the jawbone. There are also many more tiny glands in the.